Brand Story

In 2011, Medic Marketing Private Limited (Medic Marketing) adopts the new Corporate Brand Logo - MediCan. The new Logo brings to mind the “I Can” spirit which underlines the Story of Medic Marketing.

The Company was inaugurated in 1991 as a medical and healthcare product distribution and marketing company by our founder, Mr Loo Kin Ben who had until then, a successful career in Sales Management in Zuellig Pharma, a European MultiNational pharmaceutical company. Mr Loo saw himself as a champion of trustworthy and promising new healthcare brands and dedicated himself to help these brands penetrate the market to benefit end-users with their efficacy.

Nimbleness, Energetic, Wisdom and Sincerity were hallmarks of the Company’s since its inception. These attractive personality traits combined with Mr Loo’s social capital, built through long years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry was quickly infused into its relationships with principals, suppliers and business partners.

Within 3 years of its inauguration, the company had successfully built impressive market shares for Brands that it represents and its continued growth was seemingly assured.

Change and Accelerated Growth

2003 was a dramatic year for the healthcare business in Singapore. The SARS epidemic created huge growth in demand for many lines of products creating a tremendous strain on supply chain logistics. At that same time a major product recall occurred resulting in much loss of confidence in the health supplement market. A major Australian pharmaceutical manufacturer that was behind the Brands of many popular products in Singapore was found to be lacking in the manufacturing standards.

It was a hectic time for Medic as it was for most pharmaceutical and healthcare supplement suppliers. This trauma caused Mr. Loo and key managers to reflect deeply on our business models and processes, and to find new ways to insulate our supply chain and operations from similar future shocks.

From 2005 onwards the company adopted a new end-to-end approach with the following measures taken to ensure the quality of its products at source, the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation and warehousing logistics, ethical practices in advertising, promotions and sales.

  • Improved the overall quality management system and processes and achieved ISO9001 Certification;
  • Implemented improved standard operating procedures for vendor selection;
  • Developed a more aggressive and systematic process for sourcing, branding and launching of new products;
  • Visited overseas manufacturers more frequently to validate the quality of its manufacturing and management;
  • Enhanced its processes for Product Marketing, Advertising and Promotion and the Managing of distributor shelf space;
  • Expanded its team of Sales Promoters and enlarged their account management responsibilities; and
  • Strengthened the Management Team. Terine Ng, the current General Manager of the Company was amongst those that joined during this period.

This strategy paid off. Company sales and profits began to grow. Exclusive Distributorship for various new Brands was acquired.

Record of Achievements

Today the company may boast of its:

  • Strong Management Team some of whom have been with the company since its founding. Victor Tan the Financial Controller has been in the company for more than 20 years. Victor Loo, who joined in 2003 heads in strategic business development. He obtained his MBA from NTU in July 2011. The company currently has a staff force of 46 in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. 14 of these have been with the company for more than 7 years.
  • Strength in distribution. Its brands are currently distributed through more than 2500 distribution points in Singapore; 1000 in Indonesia; and 1000 in Hong Kong.
  • Sound and Responsive and ISO certified Logistical Support Infrastructure with more than 22,000 sq ft of office and warehouse space.
  • Trusted Reputation and Social capital within the Healthcare product Value Chain.
  • Popular Brands... Black Gold, BioCalth, Rebound, Eagle, Double Prawn Oil, NeatFeat, No-Jet-Lag, Healtheries, NZHealthNaturally are all brand leaders in their own category.

Moving Ahead with the "I Can" Resolve

From 2010 to 2011, the company underwent a total re-branding Program with the objective to identify its Intellectual Assets and develop a road map to own, protect and exploit them for sustained competitiveness. One of the strategic initiatives was to enhance our Brand Image and renew itself to become more relevant to tomorrow’s stakeholders - Customers, Employees, Principals, Distribution Network Partners, Manufacturers, Hospitals, the Medical Industry, and Government agencies.

The New Management Team reaffirmed our Vision to be one of Asia’s Leading and Trusted Brand for the marketing and distribution of medical and healthcare products. The company aspires to expand its Distribution Networks more aggressively throughout Asia. It has been distributing in the Indonesia market since 2003 and has recently made a new concerted effort to increase its penetration in the Hong Kong Market.

It committed to a Brand Promise of “Making Lives Better” by fulfilling our Mission of working sincerely, being energetic, advising and working wisely with principals and business partners to globally market Healthcare and Medical products. It also aims to inject more energy, and professionalism into its Management team and workforce, whilst retaining the wisdom behind our Core Values of being:

  • Motivated
  • Energetic
  • Diligent
  • Innovative
  • Caring

The new Management team, together with Mr Loo recognizes that its future success is not based just on Product Sales, Revenue and Profits, but on how stakeholders perceive its contribution to Caring for the industry and community at large. Mr Loo is sanguine about these new expectations. In his usual frank and sincere self he said,

"When we first started, it was all about survival... now the company has defined structures and processes and on a roadmap to strive towards growth and development and cultivate a strong human capital who will make a difference to our organization...YES it would be good for the company to be more outward looking... to see how we can Make Lives Better for everyone, especially the young people that have developed innovations in healthcare products. I believe we have the expertise, the social capital and the resources to help companies reach out their products successfully to the market."