MediCan's Profile

MEDICAN is one of Asia’s Leading and Trusted Brand for the Marketing and Distribution of Medical and Healthcare products. We distinguish ourselves through our:

  • Commitment to closely collaborate with all parties in our Value Chain;
  • Assurance of High Quality Products and Efficient Distribution Logistics;
  • Nimble, Energetic, Wise, Sincere Workforce and Management Team.

Today we are proud of our:

  • Strength in distribution. Our brands are currently distributed through more than 2,500 distribution points in Singapore, 1,000 in Indonesia, and 1,000 in Hong Kong;
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency in Logistics. Our support Infrastructure is Responsive and is ISO-certified, We have more than 22,000 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space;
  • Sound Financial Position with strong Asset Backing;
  • Core Corporate Values acronymed “MEDIC”.


We go beyond the call of duty to get a job done well


We act in good faith to promote fair practices


We work hard to deliver our brand promise


We create new ideas to market high quality products and services


We make provision to look after your well-being or welfare

We look forward to be of service, and to collaborate with all parties within our Value Chain. Do feel free to Contact Us.

Our Vision

We aspire to be one of Asia’s Leading and Trusted Brand for the marketing and distribution of medical and healthcare products.

In 2011, the company resolved to expand its Distribution Networks more aggressively beyond Singapore. We have been distributing in the Indonesian and Hong Kong market since 2003 and have recently made a new concerted effort to increase our penetration in Hong Kong.

We are dedicated in our Mission to “Making Lives Better” for everyone. We look forward to supporting people that have developed new products and innovations in healthcare. We believe we have the expertise, the social capital and the financial muscle to help bring them successfully to market."